As the frags turn... Friday Fragments from my fragmented mind

No soap operas here, but the phrase was catchy don'tcha think?

I am officially a whole year older now than I was when I last posted a Friday Fragments... how come it feels like I'm 10 years older tonight?

Oh yeah... that would be taking the boys to see the trains at the mall and then having to go back the entire length of the mall to grab a pull up because I didn't have one in my purse for Liam, then going back to meet up with Robyn and the boys, only to find out that the closest restroom was closed for repairs, necessitating another trip the length of the mall, then going all the way back and finally going back to the food court and chasing Erik instead of eating... but the boys had a great time - and Robyn came home and went straight to bed, so maybe it's not age, it's just that the boys are tough to keep up with ;-)

My fabulous Disney connection, Marshall, sent me another really funny clip from Wreck-It-Ralph!

Are you planning to see it when it launches in November?

I ranted this week... for the first time in a while - is anyone else struggling with finding a costume for their daughter that doesn't have the word sexy or naughty in the title? Read the whole story here

My computer has been acting up all week and I couldn't figure out why until I sat down today and really worked at it... it was Google Chrome's latest update... something did not play well with Windows and kept crashing my system... I tried reinstalling but had the same problem so I'm back to Mozilla Firefox - it's tough switching back after so long with Chrome, but we're getting along okay now...

Since the Media Center at Liam's school doesn't need my help right now, I'm taking up another volunteer position - I'm going to be the main office receptionist every Friday morning!

I am also UNJUNKING our Halloween with UNREAL candy - check out my post about that here

And as Wayne says, when it rains it pours... and it seems to be pouring giveaways this week, so please check my sidebar if you like to enter giveaways - there are some fun ones, including the top one on the list (that ends 10/15) where I'm giving away a $20 GC to the store/restaurant/whatever of your choice OR $20 Cash via Paypal... yep you choose your own prize!

Please wish Wayne and my family safe travels this weekend... Wayne is heading to Germany for a conference and my Mom, Dad, Sister and Aunt are heading down here to 'help' and visit while he's away.

Well, Erik is jumping all over me, so I'm going to sign off and try to calm him down or at least see if he'll stop long enough for a hug or two...

Oops, one more thing... I'm collecting a list of the memes and linkies that everyone hosts... so if you host one, please consider filling out this form
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