Saturday...for sharing and catching up

If you missed what's been going on around here or are new to the fray...

*** I passed my 3 hr gestational diabetes test - with flying colors, so no GD this time around ***
I am still bruised and battered from Monday's procedure, but the bruises are starting to fade and people are starting to believe me when I say that my husband really doesn't beat me ...
I have learned that I will never be a good IV drug user... way too many telltale bruises everywhere...

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I spent some time reminiscing about back to school... the post is here

And of course there was an especially yummy recipe on Monday here

I'm participating in the:


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where I've hooked up a couple of great reads from around my bloggy world:

From Hallee the Homemaker
From Big Teeth and Clouds
I'm also going to be hanging out at the Lady Bloggers Tea Party this weekend... you should drop by for a cup!

I have also linked up with Saturday Sound off from To Be Thode

Hope you are having a fabulous Saturday!

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Sunday Family story... family reunion reminisces...
MMMmonday back to school recipe
Post it Note Tuesday
Nearly Wordless Wednesday (will be pics of my little Surfer dude and Robyn at the beach for Surfer's Healing)
and that's just the beginning of the week...