A Really Big Announcement!

Acting Balanced is going to be part of one of the biggest blogging giveaways I've seen... and I'm so excited!

A few of my bloggy friends did a $200 giveaway (which I didn't win...) but this time there's a total of 15 blogs participating and the prize is $750 Cash! Now there's a nice chunk of change! 

I'd like to introduce to you the blogs participating in the Fall Follower Giveaway Tour- stop in and follow them now so you don't miss out! 
  1. Simply Stacie 
  2. My Wee View  
  3. Kelly's Lucky You  
  4. Little Yayas
  5. Review Retreat
  6. Songberries
  7. Luxury Reading
  8. Fab Find Foodie  
  9. Ashley Petite  
  10. Shopper Gal
  11. Still Blonde After All These Years
  12. Little Leenie Lu Lu
  13. Family Sanity Reviews
  14. Acting Balanced
  15. My Organized Chaos 
Stay tuned here for more announcements about the Fall Follower Givewaway and your chance to win $750!!!