I'm featured on Friendly Friday!

FriendlyFridayButton I was chosen to be featured on Friendly Friday celebration hosted by Christi at Frugal Novice, Xenia at Thanks, Mail Carrier and Charla at Healthy Home Blog!

If you haven't checked out their Friendly Friday... maybe this is the week that you should... and you know they are a great blog hop, 'cause they picked little old me to be featured :)

For my regular readers... a quick note of thanks - Everyones good wishes and prayers were felt and I passed the 3 hour GD test!!  Ach Baby's placenta does not affect my insulin and therefore I didn't get Gestational Diabetes this time!!!

If this is your first time stopping by, pull up a chair and take a gander around... I've been blogging since December of 2009, and I started this blog because I was tired of being pigeon-holed by the number of characters that Facebook would give me for status updates so I decided to start a little blog to keep my family up-to-date and maybe make a few new friends...

then the bloggy world opened up to me... I found places like:

Pump Up Your Book  & Booksneeze.com that look for bloggers to review and promote books for authors and publishers, and then the world of product reviews from places like Mama Buzz and My BlogSpark and I was hooked on yet another dimension of blogging...

But despite all the book reviews, product reviews and giveaways (currently on hiatus) the things I like most about my blog are being able to share stories about my life, my family and things that go on in the world...

Three of my fave memory posts are:

My family is also an important part of my world, so I either blog about them, or in the case of hubby - let him blog for himself occasionally...

Robyn, my 12 year old is a budding photographer - and here are some of her recent pics
Liam, my almost 4 year old, is a unique little handful... and here's a post about him
and Ach Baby will make his appearance and complete our little nuclear family on or before November 8th... and here's a recent update on his progress

If you aren't completely bored... can I suggest that you become a follower... I am making a HUGE announcement here on Acting Balanced at 12:01pm this afternoon and you don't want to miss it!!!