Friday Fragments

Wow... another Friday ... wasn't it just yesterday that I posted FF?

I think the combination of being sick (head cold) and sleep deprived (1 year old has same head cold - and teething) has finally rotted what little balance I could act upon... I'm just about ready for Christmas - just have to do a few more little shops and start wrapping... but I have yet to find that holiday spirit...

It might have something to do with the fact that it was 77 degrees in the shade today... I don't think I have any hope for a white Christmas here in SC... unless you count the beautiful white sandy beaches...

Wayne was wonderful and took a day off to help me get things in order despite being incredibly busy at work... I'd honestly let the house get bad and he worked tirelessly to help me get it into reasonable shape!  He also played with Erik so I could do some extra work...

I'm still taking suggestions for cookie recipes for the 25 Days of Cookies - just visit the facebook page and vote here.  If you haven't checked out all the recipes, you can head here and check out yesterday's recipe and  the linky list of yummy cookies (add your own if you'd like! - the linky is open)

It's the kids last day of school for the year!  Liam is going to go a little squirrelly without school - luckily Nana and Papa arrived today and will be able to hang out with all of the kids!  Robyn has a dance today - should be interesting, since the kids have a choice between the dance and watching a movie - all the girls are planning to dress up because they can... and all the guys seem to be heading to the movies... gotta love middle school :)

On top of everything else going on with Erik ... he's trying to drop his naps... yes - he's only 14 months old - I'm not ready for him to drop one nap, let alone both... he's just so interested in everything going on around him... I need the two hours to get things done though!

Well, to be honest I'm all fragged out... and really sleepy, so I'm going to let you loose on Mrs. 4444's other fragmented friends by clicking on the link below:

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