Friday fragments

It's Wayne here.  Forgive me as I am posting from my phone.   I have not posted much lately but I thought I would share some observations from our trip to Toronto.
  • Running in Toronto on garbage day is like negotiating an obstacle course.   One has to dodge the large sized garbage bins on tiny sidewalks while leaping over spilled garbage from the green bins.
    • On a side note:  running in Toronto is not fun.   Bikes try to run you over on the sidewalks:  cars,  buses and especially taxis try to maim you on the road.   People look at you strange when you say good morning to them and give you dirty looks when you pass them on the side walk.
  • I do love my hometown but it has become an ugly city.   While there are some pretty sections many more parts are in disrepair.
    • On a side note: We are so blessed to live in the beauty that is Charleston.
  • Being on the subway in Toronto is like watching tech zombies.  Everyone just stares down at their device in a blank stare. Spooky.
    • On a side note: I have had very nice TTC drivers.  They get a lot of hassle in Toronto but the ones I have had have provided some of the better customer service I have received here (though admittedly it is a low bar here.   Once again we are oh so spoiled living in Charleston).
  • The boys are having a great time with their grandparents.  They love having built in playmates.
    • On a side note:  If is wasn't for family here, I would probably not come back.   From a tourism perspective - this city's product is a) lackluster: b) overpriced: and c) served by people who don't seem to care.   It is sad to say this about my hometown.   It badly needs a tourism face lift.
Thanks to Mrs. 4444's for hosting.
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