SIMC: The Tale of Two Cakes

Happy 7th Birthday to Liam today!  Yesterday, we had Liam's birthday party, so I got up early and iced the triple chocolate cake I baked the night before...  Erik was all over the cake when I was working on it so I put it up high and back from his little hands.  I was just sitting down for a rest before working on the rest of the party stuff and I heard "Yummy cake" coming from my kitchen... turns out Erik is more intrepid than I gave him credit for... he used the long tongs to do this to Cake #1:

So Wayne went over to Publix and bought a yummy Chocolate cake covered in cookies... definitely not homemade... so I did the birthday writing on it... only to have all of the icing I used melt while the cake was waiting to be cut at our Pool Party:

Oh well, at least everyone had a blast at the party and both cakes got the birthday boy's stamp of approval - an empty plate!

Here are the newborn and almost zeven years old versions of my little guy: