Friday Fragments & Four Fill-Ins

Thanks to Mrs. 4444 for hosting:
Mommy's Idea

We had a non-traditional Thanksgiving yesterday - no one was in the mood for turkey, and it wasn't defrosted yet, so we headed out to Edisto Beach State Park for a hike this afternoon instead of spending it cooking... we're going to do the turkey tomorrow instead...  guess that's the advantage of having Canadian relatives... we don't have to do the big dinner on command...

This year's Thanksgiving holiday has been a week long instead of just 3 days... I wish that the change didn't come out of our Christmas holiday time... it's going to be a really tight trip home, but it's been fun having some time with the kids this week.

Robyn and I continued our Black Friday night shopping tradition... there's something fun about 'girl time' in the middle of the night... even if we didn't shop for anything exciting or big... we did cross a couple of gifts off the list and picked Robyn up a cute new hat for only $5.  We skipped all the electronics and stuff so we avoided a lot of the crowds... and we also avoided places like Walmart too...

Speaking of Black Friday, I totally appreciate getting deal notifications from stores I've signed up with... but my goodness, my email has been inundated with 'reminders' about sales... I know what your sales are and when they are... please, next year, consider just how often you are spamming your customers... my actual emails are getting choked out!

The only other thing about BF is when Wayne has to be up and out early for a meeting... but the lack of sleep was worth it because Robyn had fun... of course she's still passed out... teenagers for you..

Thanks to Hilary for hosting:

1. I put nothing on a hot dog, because if it didn't taste good plain, I wouldn't bother eating it.
2. When it comes to Black Friday I headed out because it's tradition to take Robyn shopping at midnight...
3. If my house cleaned itself then I would be able to blog more often without feeling guilty.
4. If I was getting married tomorrow I would do nothing differently so we could enjoy it the same way differently now.