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"Dear summer,

It's not you, it's me. I loved some parts about you, like the sunshine and the long days, but there were parts that drove me crazy, too. For starters, I had to entertain my children every day, and I'm out of ideas. But it's over now. You're going back to the Southern Hemisphere, and my kids are going back to school - finally, some peace and quiet."
Sounds familiar? Yes, it's almost the start of the school year again. While school means you'll have your days free again, it also means there's plenty of organising to do. Here's a few ways to get your kids ready for the new school year without the headaches.

Stationery shopping
Kids will always need fresh stationery for a fresh year of learning, but stationery shopping can be difficult when all your kids care about is chasing each other in and around the store. To make stationery shopping as efficient and organised as possible, write out a list before you go. Think about things you can buy in value packs (like books and markers), but also consider things you may already have at home and don't need to buy - chances are your husband has a massive pile of pens he's stored away somewhere because he'll "use it someday"!

Talk to your children
Sometimes, the start of a new school year can be scary for your kids: they might be worried about making new friends, or taking on a subject that they find hard or boring. Communicating with your children about their feelings and opinions will mean that you can keep an eye on these things throughout the semester and act accordingly.
For example, do they find math class too hard? Arrange for some extra tutoring. If they're worried about making friends, enrol them in some extracurricular activities so they can meet some new people and build new social skills.

Plan ahead
No matter if you live in New Jersery, Armadale, Miami or Swan Valley, chances are you will probably end up in a mad scramble on the first day of school. To avoid any major dramas, pre-pack the children's lunch the night before; to kill two birds with one stone, get them to pack their schoolbags while you make their lunch. Avoid giving your kids any fizzy drink before bedtime as well, or keeping them up too late - remember, you have to wake up with them in the morning as well!

And finally, remember to stay involved with your childrens' school life throughout the year. School can be a great time, but it can also be difficult; by keeping an eye and an ear out for any issues will make things easier on everyone.

Lorraine Tate is a mother who is dreading the first day of school. Luckily, she's already taken her own advice and written out the kids' stationery lists!

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