Friday Fragments

It's time to release the frags... on your mark, get set, GO!

Water soluble markers aren't always water soluble ... found out when Erik colored himself from head to to in blue... It's not that easy being blue... now more green... isn't that Kermit's song?

I am loving my new smartphone - I finally broke down and bought a new phone and joined the 21st century... it's just a HTC One V - that I've put on a pay-as-you go plan through Virgin Mobile, but I get unlimited text and web and enough calling minutes for only $30 a month... so I am happy!

The one downside is that I've been introduced to Words with Friends and Hanging with Friends... so now I have another way to waste time...

It's going to be a busy weekend, my in-laws are visiting from Toronto, Robyn's school has their first home football game (and this will be her first ever tailgate too - we aren't a football family) and I am running around all over Charleston meeting up with friends to pick up new and gently used books to donate to the Teacher's Supply Closet as part of the Nick CFK Big Help Book Drive - check out my post about it here!

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Well, I'm off to rescue Papa from Erik's evil clutches... hope everyone is having a good Friday... and that you'll visit the other fraggers at:
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