Friday Fragments

It's going to be a busy weekend for us - tomorrow Robyn is volunteering at a car wash to raise money for her school athletic programs and then we have a MOMS Club Family Party to go to... I'm also doing a mystery shop in the morning and Wayne has boatloads of work to catch up on...

We've all had a mystery 'yuck' virus this week... it makes you feel queasy and tired but has no fever or other symptoms... but Robyn was off two days with it, Liam was off yesterday and I think I've got it today... Wayne had it earlier in the week but he wasn't able to take time off.. (see the last frag)

We also had other not so great news... my in-laws were planning a trip down to visit for Robyn's birthday but a blip on a somewhat routine test has my FIL sidelined from making the 1600 KM drive as a precaution and scheduled for even more tests... so please keep him in your thoughts

I can honestly say it's been a quiet week around here... with everyone not feeling up to par, we've hung around the house quite a bit... it's been a little strange...

In other frags, I'm getting some great response to my upcoming Traveling with Kids event, but I am still looking for fellow bloggers (or readers who'd like to contribute, blog or no) who would be willing to share a post on the topic of Things to Do with Kids in My Neck of the Woods... I am really hoping that I can get enough guest posts to feature a different post each day as part of the travel theme!

I am also looking for great review products, expert guest posts and giveaways to share during those two weeks... so it should be a fun event!

Well I waited until after Erik got up this morning to get to writing these frags and he's getting impatient with me so I'll turn you over to the other great fraggers at:

Mommy's Idea