Eight ideas for candyless Easter Baskets...

I was reading a blog post at Fab Finds by November Girl the other day and I was struck again by just how much fun that can be had by remembering and sharing simple toys and activities with our children, so I thought I would share eight ideas to either add to or replace candy in this year's Easter Baskets.  This is also a great list for things to add to birthday party grab bags!

Bubbles are a great indoor/outdoor activity that can teach children to blow out, provide exercise when they chase them and of course can help improve hand/eye coordination as they try to pop them!

Sidewalk Chalk lets kids explore their creative side, can help with reinforcing lessons like numbers, letters, shapes and colors and can also stimulate physical activity - chalked in hopscotch boards, four square (the original game) and even treasure hunts where children follow the chalk arrows to fin the treasure...

Punch Balls are a great balloon to add to your baskets - made of tougher latex than regular balloons they are great for letting kids get their energy out and are also great for decorating when you want larger and more durable balloons!  They are also great because they are compact enough to add to your baskets easily!

Rubber Ducks are a classic toy - great for bath time, pool time and even for just playing make believe!  I love how many different ducks are available now - a rainbow of colors, specialty ducks for every season and holiday and even professional ducks!

Yo-Yos are another classic toy that fits well into an older child's Easter basket - hand eye coordination, patience and even research can be taught using this wonderful classic!

Play-Doh is another wonderful addition to any basket - creativity, dexterity, manipulation and other skills can be mastered with play doh!  Plus, it's too much fun!!!

Hula Hoops are another versatile toy that is great for both physical activity and imagination - they may not fit into your Easter Basket, but I've seen them used as a car, a train, a boat, a window, a door, a tunnel and of course for exercise and fitness... actually I have to say that this is probably one of the most versatile toys at our house... of course Erik loves to watch it roll and spin too...

Adding these classic toys to your child's Easter treats allows them a way to work off all that chocolate and have fun doing it!  Plus, it might keep them busy while you're trying to make Easter Dinner!