A few things moms really want for Christmas

Excuse the silliness of the following post... I am writing this after getting up with Erik for the third time tonight already...

What This Mom Really Wants for Christmas

12 Nights of Sleeping
11 Loads of Laundry (ironed, folded and put away by someone else)
10 Lords a Sweeping (or kids - we're not picky)
9 nights of dancing (or dinner, or movies... like I said, we're not picky)
8 maids a cleaning (no cows here for milking, but they could do the grocery shopping too)
7 kids a bathing (who needs swans, but getting my 5 year old to take a bath... now that's a feat)
6 days of laying (on a beach somewhere)
5 Golden Rings (hey, jewelry is always appropriate)
4 Calling Friends
3 French manicures
2 Turtle boxes (you know the kind with the nuts and gooey centers)
a kid who's not in a tree...

But actually, I'll settle for:

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