R & G - Book: It's Simple (US/Canada)

I am always searching for new authors and I'm pleased to introduce you to Michelle Richardson, and her new book, It's Simple!  For those of you who missed the first part of her visit, click here to see her guest post!  To see where else she is stopping on the rest of her tour, and for her very own giveaways, click here:

I am lucky enough to have a giveaway copy here on Acting Balanced - and you can win it by completing the rafflecopter form at the end of this post, but before that, let me tell you about It's Simple:

From the Publisher
The general consensus is that relationships are easy to start but challenging to maintain. Although we may not think so, our choices ultimately determine the types of relationships we have. It’s truly funny how after we’ve contributed to the chaotic state of the relationship, we hire therapists to fix us, to tell us it’s not our fault when it typically is. The truth? Therapists don’t fix us; they provide tools that guide us. Ultimately, we find the solutions ourselves and, for the most part, we really need to forget what we’ve heard. Relationships can be complicated, littered with challenges and that preventable thing called drama. Just ask Tia and Chase.
They met as teenagers. Upon graduation from college, things got complicated. Chase was drafted to the Los Angeles Lakers; Tia was offered a position in the Obama administration. Despite the geographical distance, Tia and Chase stayed together.
But how easy is it to make love last? It’s simple-if we can be honest, forgiving, and patient with each other. Here’s a unique look at a progressive couple and how their choices impact their journey; providing a truthful and sometimes painful look at real life scenarios and how two fiercely driven and stubborn lovers choose to handle them. Experience life from a different perspective.
My Review:
This is a great book if you are looking for a book that looks at overcoming some unique hurdles to make love work.  Not being a basketball fan, I was a little worried about having a famous basketball star as the main character, but my fears were unfounded, and I have to say that I particularly loved Tia - she is written as a smart, no-nonsense woman who knows what she wants (well mostly) and both characters work hard to build their dreams... 
This is a well written book that transports the reader into the characters world and holds on to you from beginning to end.   I loved the development of the family characters and the role that friends and family played in the story.  This would be a great book to pick up as a holiday indulgence while one turkey is cooking and your other turkey is watching football...
About the Author:
Michelle Richardson, born in Brooklyn, New York, now lives in Long Island with her husband, their two crazy kids and a prissy powder puff pomeranian named Madison. A wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, writer, life coach and marketing director, the roles of her life provided the inspiration behind this work, but none more so than those of wife, mother, sister and friend. Richardson is currently writing the sequel to It’s Simple.
Visit her online at www.michellerichardson.co or visit her at Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/#!/ItsSimpleMR or Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/ItsSimpleMR.

Disclaimer: I received this book at no cost to me for the purpose of my review. All opinions are my own.