Get Cooking with Kindle!

I was bored earlier today and decided to explore more in the free section of for Kindle Books and I came across a huge number of yummy cookbooks!  You don't need to own a Kindle to make use of these books - you can download readers for your computer, your smartphone or even to read right online  - all free!

I'm working my way through more than a dozen yummy cookbooks - you can search through a list of 100 freebies by clicking here - Top 100 Free and Paid Cookbooks for Kindle

A few that I'm reading now include:

The Everything Potluck Cookbook (Everything Series)
Potlucks are a great way to get friends and relatives together without the pricey grocery or restaurant bill! In this cookbook, veteran cook Linda Larsen gives you an array of options for every meal and course. In addition, easy-to-understand icons indicate whether a recipe is easy, healthy, quick, or inexpensive. Everything you need to host, or attend, a successful potluck is here, including: 300 tasty and creative recipes; Tips for transporting food safely; Indications of whether a recipe can be made ahead of time; Menu suggestions for a variety of potluck parties. Guests can make the dishes on their own and bring them to the host's home, or they can all gather in the host's kitchen and make them together. With this book, cooking for the perfect potluck party has never been easier!

Cooking from China's Fujian Province: One of China's Eight Great Cuisines
Fujian, a province in southeastern China, boasts a distinct culinary tradition that enjoys a thousand-year-old recorded history but is barely known in the Western world. This collection of 200 easy-to-follow, authentic recipes provides the perfect introduction to this unique cuisine.
Fujianese cuisine makes marvelous use of the foods and herbs found in the region's mountains, flatlands, and on the coast. The staples rice, wheat, and sweet potatoes are featured in these sweet-and-pungent-flavored dishes. Buddha Jumping the Wall, a famous specialty, is made with shark's fin, scallops, chicken, mushrooms, yams, scallions, and much more. Popular Fujianese dishes such as Crossing Bridge Noodles, New Year Money Bags, and Steamed Sea Cucumber Pockets are highlighted.

But if you're on the look out for more yummy recipes FOR FREE, you should check out what's available from Amazon Kindle!