Friday Fragments

It's FRIDAY!!! or it will be in just about an hour!  I've made it through another crazy week and here are a few fragments of my totally unbalanced life:

I have a hole in my day now where for almost a week I was spending copious amounts of time and energy fighting with the school bus company and the kids schools about getting them to and from school safely and in a reasonable amount of time... knock on wood ... for the past two days things have worked remarkably well - by next week I might even buy that it's working

I am so excited!  I am only 217 twitter followers from 3000!!!  If you tweet and we aren't connected yet (I am @chascouponmom) leave me a message here with your twitter handle and I will follow back!  I am also closing in on a new record for GFC followers - only 65 away from 3500!!!

The kids are getting back into the school groove - they really do miss it over the summer!  I kind of wish there was a year round school option around here... I could really see us enjoying the longer winter and spring breaks and a shorter summer break!

Erik is adjusting well to having my full attention during the day again.  He's finding ways to make sure I keep my eye on him all the time and getting braver by the second.  He's had two milestones this week - his first mad dash headlong into danger and his first tooth breaking through - I have to say that even though he's only a few days past 10 months, he's really not a baby anymore - full throttle into being a toddler with all of the foibles associated with it... heaven help me!

Wayne is busier than ever at work and is now also getting Liam off to school in the mornings so that I don't have to get my lazy butt out of bed and make myself presentable to get him onto the bus at 6:30 am... I am usually awake in time to hear the bus drive off but I'm glad I don't have to go out and scare the poor bus driver with my morning bed head.

In other frags - I am truly addicted to finding free reads on my Kindle... it really does seem to be a game, since publishers will make books free for 24 hours to give them a bump in the rankings and then start charging for them again... but the hunt is fun... and I've also discovered - another fun place to find free or inexpensive reads....

It's a good thing that I have an e-reader that's portable, since my laptop is now officially a desktop - the screen, which had been slowly degrading for a while, simply gave up the ghost the other day and so now I have a small cpu attached to a mouse, keyboard and monitor... oh well - I am still saving my pennies...

Well, it's 11:11 PM and 6:30 comes early, so I'm off to try and catch a few zzz - and while I'm doing that you insomiacs can write your own Friday Fragments and link up (or just go and read everyone elses FF) at:

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