Questions? and bonus

Since I don't have a Five Questions Friday post today - Mama M., the host of 5QF is taking some time off to be with her daughter who had an emergency appendectomy earlier in the week - you can send her some love here if you have a minute...

I digress...

I've been wanting to open the blog up to questions from you - what do you want to know about the unbalanced woman behind Acting Balanced?

So, if you ask a question here today either by commenting or by email you'll get one bonus entry, two questions?  two bonus entries (sorry - two bonus entries max this way).  I will answer them all in blog posts over the next few weeks.

You can also get a bonus entry for voting for me on the Circle of Moms site and a second one if you vote for Simply Stacie's blog too (I regularly guest post over there and she's so close to reclaiming first place... it was snatched from her yesterday)!

A final bonus entry for today is to take the beautifully designed Autism Awareness Month button (top right) that was made by Stacy at Momboost and put it on your sidebar and let me know where it is!

so now you have up to 5 bonus entries... use them all on one giveaway, or spread them out between up to five of your favorites: