Friday Fragments

Well Fraggers, this is my one and only meme today, as 5 Question Friday is on hiatus this week.  Please keep Mama M. from 5 Crooked Halos and her daughter "Belle" in your thoughts this weekend.  Belle has just undergone an emergency appendectomy.  I'm sure she could use some comment luv and support as well.

As for me, life is rolling swiftly towards April - there's a ton going on in preparation for my Autism Awareness Month event - including the snazzy new button that was made by Stacy at Mom Boost ---->  Please grab it if you have space on your blog or website!    There is still space for some guest posts, so if you know someone on the spectrum or a parent, teacher, friend who would like to guest post for Autism Awareness month, please email me!  I'm going to have some cool giveaways too!

Robyn has two soccer games and then a fundraising bake sale and car wash on Saturday - and Wayne is heading to work to hear presentations from students - so Mom's taxi w/backseat drivers will be enjoying a very busy Saturday :)  There's no rest for the wicked or the chauffeur of a one car family.

I have a new favorite color for this season - turquoise!  I have no idea if it's in or not, but I've decided that I need more of it in my wardrobe, so I'm on a hunt!  It doesn't hurt that I was given a very cute pair of Oka B. Sandals from and the fact that I'm in love with the range of turquoise and blue eye shadows in my BH Cosmetics eye shadow pallette (the giveaway ends Tuesday if you want to get one of your own)

Aren't they sweet?

I finished a cool online photo book project for my sister... some of you may remember that I had to miss her wedding in October because someone was being born... so I finally got my hands on her pictures and got a timely review code from to make a keepsake book for her... I hope she likes it!  It was fairly easy, but time consuming... more on that once I receive it in the mail!

I'm also knee deep in planning another month long event for Acting Balanced - Moms Month :) will be in May - because heck, we deserve more than just a day, right?  I am looking for bloggers who want to share stories about being a mom, having a mom, wanting to be a mom... the sky is the limit - again, if you're interested in guest posting (or offering a product for review/giveaway for moms) email me, please!

I probably have thousands of other frags to share, but the boys tag teamed us again last night - Liam went to bed at 8pm, got up at midnight, and went back to bed at 3, Erik went to bed at 10 and got up at 3:30, 4:30 and 5:30... so I'm taking advantage of the fact they are both asleep right now and heading to bed myself!

Okay... here's my 7am update:  I forgot to ask all of my fraggy friends to please vote for me on the Circle of Moms Top 25 Product Review Blogs contest... I'm barely hanging on to a spot in the top ten and I really want to stay there - it doesn't take but a second and you don't have to register for anything or even like them on facebook... just click here and then click the orange circle!  If you can spare another second, I'd love for you to vote for Simply Stacie too - I guest post there about fabulous baby products!

Happy Friday and please visit the other fraggingly wonderful fragmented people who link up with Mrs. 4444's at:
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