Hopping around this week!

I'm going to spend some time hopping around the blogosphere this week to meet some new 
people so I thought I'd put up one post for the week that lets you know a little about me ...

Last week's blog hopping paid off, because I'm the Hot Blog of the Week at:

This week's question was:

How often do you do grocery shopping, and how many stores do you shop at each week?

I'm pretty loyal to my Publix, mostly because with gas prices the way they are, it's only a mile to walk there.  I shop there probably twice a week.  
If another store has  a great sale on, I will try to get there while I'm tooling around town and just stop in for the deals.

If you've landed here for the first time:

Welcome to Acting Balanced - a little slice of blogging heaven in the life of a Never-Stay-At-Home Mom of three...

My kids take up the bulk of my non-blogging life - they are 12, 4 and 4 months, with a small slice of time carved out for my wonderful hubby, volunteering and trying to find 5 'me' 
minutes every once in a while...

I'm also a Canadian Ex-pat, foodie, book reading, crocheting girl, who hates to do housework...

Acting Balanced is a blog about my life, with tons of extras thrown in...
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