Friday Fragments

Things are really progressing with my Autism Awareness Month event!  Two new sponsors and two more fabulous guest posts are booked and I hope to spend some time tomorrow getting things slotted in, at least tentatively!  There will be something for everyone, even if you aren't touched by Autism directly... so stay tuned!

And if you are someone who has been touched by ASD or by someone on the spectrum and would like to be part of the event in some way (guest post, sponsor, etc) please shoot me an email!

I have two fraggy questions bouncing around in my mind... if you can help please leave a comment or shoot me an email ...

  • How do I write a general disclaimer for the event?  I want something that covers differing opinions and if they make medical or scientific claims - if you deal with this on your blog or elsewhere can you point me in the right direction?
  • I want to alert the local media... I figure an event this big might spark some interest from the traditional media - how much before April 1 should I send it?
We're still adjusting to the time change... I know it's important somewhere, but I hate dragging my butt up in the dark, and the almost teenager is incredibly surly in the mornings, exponentially worse than usual... I even stooped to buying her a Starbucks Chai Latte yesterday morning and it didn't even put a dent in her...

Today (Friday, for those reading a little early) Wayne and I are going to meet the person that will probably be Liam's teacher next year!  Hoping I really like her and her program, and that the SC State Government doesn't do something stupid like pull funding for 4K programs...

I think that Robyn's soccer coaches are seriously trying to kill her... a week Saturday she has nearly back to back games and then 1/2 an hour break before they do a bake sale and car wash for three hours to raise money for the team... I know I couldn't run for two hours straight and then wash cars for three hours!

Erik has (knock on wood) slept over 5 hours a stretch for the past two nights!  I almost feel human!

Robyn killed another backpack this morning - her third this year!!  I'm not sure whether its a testament to the fact that I'm cheap or that she has way too much homework for a single book bag, but if anyone has a great book bag review opportunity, I'm all ears!!! I think she may need an industrial strength one... especially since next year she's taking 4 high school classes in 8th grade.

I am really going to try and clear up some outstanding reviews and giveaways this weekend... so watch for some great new things!

I really appreciate everyone that has hooked up with Thirsty For Comments the past few weeks!  I am always bad about getting through the entire list, but it does happen before the end of the week...

I think it's time for bed, so g'nite everyone... I'll see you later :)