Thirsty For Comments Thursday - link your fave posts

Acting Balanced

Welcome to the Thirsty for Comments Thursday blog hop! 

What is it?

I've spent several posts ranting about blog hoppers who 'hit and run' to collect followers and numbers - That's not why I join blog hop memes, and I know from comments left on those rants, that others feel the same way... so I've decided to do something proactive and create Thirsty for Comments Thursdays!

This week's featured blog is:

Mika's Pantry

Please stop by and check out her blog and leave some great comment, then link up your own SPECIFIC POST that you'd like comments on - remember - no giveaways!

The rules are simple - 

1. Link up a SPECIFIC POST (NOT just your blog URL) that you'd like to have more comments on - 
can be anything EXCEPT GIVEAWAYS and OTHER BLOG HOPS - they will be deleted
2. Add the Thirsty for Comments Thursday button to the post if you like - you can grab it from my sidebar --) 
3. Visit AT LEAST THREE other blogs and READ the posts and comment thoughtfully on the post.
4. Follow the blog if you like, but it's not required... this hop is all about giving good comment!

I would love it if you follow Acting Balanced so that you get reminders to link up posts every week... 
but you don't have to do that either.
Create a new post to help spread the word about Thirsty for Comments Thursdays to your followers who like to leave good comment, again - not required, but sharing is wonderful :)
Please leave feedback about what you think of this Meme idea.  
Any and all constructive feedback is welcome!