Product Review - PupLight

Ever since the builder went bankrupt more than 18 months ago our community has been without streetlights, and while we don't have a dog in our house, Robyn often 'petsits' the neighborhood pups while their owners are busy or out of town and the one thing I hate, especially in the winter is the fact that she has to walk them in the dark - because both she and the dog are so hard to see.

That's why, when I was offered a chance to review the PupLight, I jumped at the chance.  There are several things that I really like about the PupLight.  

It is adjustable and fits dogs of every size and shape - small to large - it's lightweight and easy to attach to the dog - and best yet - there's a fur guard to prevent the light from being hidden by long hair.  It fit the largest dog in the 'hood - a St Bernard mix that weighs more than his owner...  It is separate from the dog's collar too - so you don't have to try to attach it there.  It also doesn't attach to a leash, so if you are somewhere where you'd allow your pup off leash, you can do so safely.  It's also light enough for small dogs not to be weighted down.

PupLight really makes the dog visible and isn't just lip service - you also see in front of the dog- the LCD light is very bright and I could follow the dog's movement around our entire complex - up to a mile away!  It also lights a fairly wide arc in front of the pup - allowing you to see what's coming up!  But even better - it didn't bother the dogs or the walker - the light was angled in a way so as not to blind anyone - even those approaching from the front!

I also like that it uses AAA batteries instead of harder to find specialty batteries or easily drained watch batteries.  We have rechargeable batteries that make this even more environmentally friendly.  

This is a great product for any dog walker - even if you walk through well lit places at night - the extra peace of mind is invaluable and lets you keep track of puppy in a non-obtrusive and very effective way!

How to buy:  The PupLight is available for $19.95 from PupLight's website, it's also available in the US at Petco and other retailers.  The website also has links to retailers and distributors throughout Canada, Europe, and more!