I'm gearing up for another Blog Hop!

Once Upon a Twilight

Guess what? we're at it again! LOL This time Good Choice Reading and Once Upon a Twilight came up with the idea to celebrate Valentine's day. I know what you're thinking...Valentine's day? Isn't that all the way in February? Yes! But we decided to make this event a Blog Hop. What does that mean? That not only will Good Choice Reading and Once Upon a Twilight be participating, but we would love it if other book bloggers join us and share some really GREAT Books with LOVE!

I just signed Acting Balanced up to participate, because I know that the last book blog hop I participated in was a HUGE success!

If you're interested in becoming involved - click here to get more info!

Now, the question is:

Publishers, PR, and Authors - are any of you interested in sponsoring a giveaway on Acting Balanced for the Books with LOVE hop?  Simply email me and I will happily send you my PR/Media information!