Thursday Thoughts from Hubby

Wayne was in a creative mood last week and had extra time on his hands... being Spring Break and all... He was home more this week and even had a Daddy - Liam bonding day on Wednesday so I could have a kid free day!

His contribution to acting balanced this week is a little ditty... If you care to sing along, I'm sure you'll figure out the tune :)

The Ballad of Spring Break
Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, 
A tale of a fateful trip 
That started from a college town 
Aboard a tiny skip. 

The mate was a mighty ladies man, 
The skipper drunk and unsure. 
Five passengers set sail that day 
For a fun-filled drunken tour, a fun-filled drunken tour. 

The hangovers started getting rough, 
The six-pack abs were tossed, 
If not for the carousing of the feckless crew 
The lunch would be lost, the lunch would be lost. 

The ship set ground on the shore of this one-star ugly motel
With DrunkAgain 
The athlete too, 
The frat boy and his girl, 
The drama queen 
The loser and a Mary Ann, 
Here on Spring Break Isle. 

So this is the tale of the spring break dopes, 
They're here for a short, sort time, 
They'll try to pick-up the most drunk of ladies, 
It's an uphill climb. 

The first mate and the Skipper too, 
Will do their very best, 
To be wing-men helping their buds to score
In this tropic island nest. 

No cell, no net, no iPod, 
Not a single luxury, 
Like some guy stranded on an island, 
It as primitive as can be. 

So join us here each week my friends, 
You're sure to get a smile, 
From seven partying animals, 
Here on "DrunkAgain's Isle."