Friendly Wednesday: Exciting News!

Today's guest poster is Morgan from Becoming Homegrown - she  is an almost thirty Christ following mom that is on a quest to learn how to do a litany of things that she never bothered with in her younger years. These included but are not exclusive to; sewing, cooking, crocheting well, refinishing, gardening, DIY projects and having giant meltdowns when her projects fail.  Because she finds humor in almost everything, she  thinks it is funny and fun to document her learning process on Becoming Homegrown.  This guest post is part of a series of posts that began with a plea to her fellow bloggers for easy, tried and true recipes to make for her family - check out her original request here and make sure you poke around her blog -  she has wonderful crafts and other projects to share as she enjoys Becoming Homegrown!
Exciting news - I have successfully completed another blogger recipe!   Andrea, the author of The Freckled Bug, doesn’t have a foodie blog but she did send me a link to her family’s favorite pizza recipe.  After looking at the ingredients and her final result I decided to make it this week. 
Andrea’s pizza is a Turkey Sausage and Mushroom masterpiece.  Even though hers looked delectable (like that word choice?!) I did not go the same route with the toppings.  We have some picky pizza eaters so we choose to stick with Pepperoni.  (On a personal note- I would have layered that pizza with a variety of toppings but I was not up for a battle!)  Here is a quick break down of my pizza making process. ….
 The changes that were made include the pizza crust; Mama Mary’s is not available out here so we went with Boboli, and our topping choice, Pepperoni.  My boys and I worked together and stayed true to the recipe, even when I thought it was weird to mix in olive oil with the cheese.   After about a total of 5 minutes of getting everything mixed together and on the pizza crust we all waited with baited breath as we watched our dinner cook.
The verdict from both mommy (me) and the kiddos was good!  I loved how easy and fast it was to make and I really enjoyed having my boys help out.   The only thing I may change is the amount of olive oil.  I believe the combination of Pepperoni and olive oil made it a tad too greasy, otherwise it was delicious!
Thanks Andrea from The Freckled Bug for a great dinner!  This is definitely a repeat.