Guest Post - Heather's Hubby Speaks II

If you liked what Wayne had to say last week, you might enjoy some of these little glimpses into his work life:

Being a professor I get to see all kinds of unbalanced behavior.  One of my favorite is seeing the students try to talk to one another.  For instance, last week when I overheard two students talking in the hall outside my office,

Student A - We were making out and he picks up his phone and checks his texts...

Student B - How rude!

Student A - It's not like he was in class or anything!

May I present exhibit B...

Student - Can you believe that Dr. Mean gave us a test on the day before spring break?

Me - That was nice of him to put it there so you would not have to worry about studying the material on spring break.

Student (looking at me like I have five heads) - You don't understand Dr. Heather's Hubby - I bought a plane ticket and everything and Dr. Mean says he won't excuse me because he told us the date of the test on the first day of classes...

Finally, exhibit C...

Student - Dr. Heather's Hubby can I have an extension on my paper?

Me - You've known about the assignment for two months, why do you need an extension on the day it is due?

Student - I got the chance to work an extra shift last night for more spring break money and I was going to do the assignment last night.

Me - You do realize this was a paper worth 35% of your grade right?

Student - It was the chance to make an extra $250.00 for spring break - you were young once right?

Ahhhh, yes I was young once...