Tuesday Coffee Chat

Thanks to Les for hosting Coffee Chat.  This week's topic is very apropos given my disappearance from the blog lately.

If you really knew me, you would know....


That January through April is my busiest time of year.  Between teaching my classes, working with several festivals to collect, process and report on their data as well as setting up for summer, my life goes 110 miles an hour at this time of year.  I feel bad for Heather during this time of year because she basically becomes a single mom for about two and a half months.  I do make a concerted effort not to let my parenting duties become too neglected but life is ebbs and flows - One cannot control when the tide rises.  I do not sleep well this time of year, my stress (and blood pressure) level typically goes through the roof.  I am not the normal patient person that I am typically.  I apologize for not being a good bloggy or real life partner to Heather lately.  


I am really not looking forward to my birthday this year.  It has been a tremendous source of stress for me this year.  I do not like the idea of turning 40.  I do not like to think of myself as now being 'mid-career' and no longer the 'up and comer.'  I hate the face that I am overweight and that I really am having body issues.  I am not carrying the confidence that I usually have.  I really do dislike my 'salt n' pepper' hair (at least what is left of it).  I have been feeling really ugly lately.  That is very unlike me.    I can almost always handle the stress of this time of year but add the big 4-0 and it is bothering my some seriously.


With all of that, my life is damn good and I know it.  I refuse to let anyone or anything get in my way of being happy.  I have a roof over my head, a loving family, relative health and security.  I get to work to make the world a better place.  Whatever stress or issues I have are in the broadest sense silly and nonsensical and I know it.