Tuesday Coffee Chat - All I Want For Christmas

Thanks to our good friend Les for hosting the Coffee Chat.   As many of you already know Wayne is a hum bug when it comes to Christmas.  Actually, he really does dislike the crass commercialism and pseudo-morality that comes with this time of year.  So to make a list of things he wants this year is always tough. We will however, delve deep into the psyche of Wayne  and present to you a list of things he wants for Christmas...
3. Less corruption of the media by the corporate elites.  Media stories are so slanted now that it is truly hard to tell what is fact from what is spin.  I would welcome a truly bias free media who work for the public good rather than for a conglomerate master.
2. How about a reduction in the perceived divide between educators and the so-call real world.  This idea that there should be a divide between the two makes no sense.  My students are living in the so-called real world even when they are in school.  Their lives are just as important as someone not in school.  Their personal growth and development while in school provides a foundation for their lives post graduation. What happens in one's formative years plays a deep roll in what happens in their later ones.  When something affects ones ability to be happy and secure for year's on end that is as real as it gets for an individual.  It is all a real world for them.
1. A return to civility would also be nice.  One of the things I do really enjoy about living in Charleston is the expectation that people display proper manners.  Being civil and respectful to one another I believe is a bedrock to a society being able to function in an efficient and effective manner.  It takes little energy to be respectful and demonstrate some tact and manners.  Say hello to people, smile, hold doors open, use please and thank you.  It is not that hard and would make the world a much nicer place to live in.