Friday Fragments

It doesn't feel like Friday, but the calendar says we've made it through another week, so it's time to declutter our minds and share our Friday Fragments with you - Thanks to Mrs. 4444 for hosting!

  • We had Erik's birthday party on Saturday - it was the first party where we invited 'school friends' so it was interesting getting to meet the kids and parents that are a part of his preschool world.  We had planned to hold it at a local park and my luck also held out with the weather was nearly perfect, despite a rainy night before the party.
    • Yeah, Heather through a party and people showed up...Who knew?  Considering our luck with parties, this went off well.  Congrats Heather.
  • Got the results of Robyn's sleep study - no significant sleep issues present - which is good in the sense that we've ruled out something else... but not so great in the sense that we still don't have all the answers we need to get her back on track... plowing through to the next round of specialists soon...
    • Yeah, glad I won't have to go through that again...that sleep study was more painful for me than her.
  • Liam also had is 7 year well check and has been pronounced fit as a fiddle - he's now 51 lbs and about 4 feet tall... he wouldn't stop slouching long enough to get a proper height reading, but I know he'll be happy to be able to ride more rides at the amusement park with his new height!
    • I don't know how much Erik weighs but I am willing to bet he is within 10 lbs of Liam at three years old.  I am glad Liam is doing well though he is the one that probably needs the lack of sleep study.  
    • Heather and I have seen each other for a matter of minutes this week.  I guess life gets that way sometimes...well most of the time.
  • I apologize for not being a good blog writer the past few weeks - I've left most of the heavy lifting to Wayne, but in my defense, I have been uber-busy with kids doctors appointments, parties, Halloween and other life stuff... hopefully next week...
    • Well we are getting to the end of my term, so in true tag team fashion, I tag off.

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