Thanks to Stash for hosting the Listicles... This weeks topic is:

10 things I shouldn't know.

  1. That as guy, purchasing feminine hygiene products really sucks...
  2. On a related note, every 28 days, I need to work late for a week or so.
  3. I once had a night at a club during my undergraduate days where I went oh fer 15. 
  4. We filled 28 full bags of garbage from our house during this week's fall cleaning extravaganza.
  5. That Paris Hilton once 'starred' in a sex video.  That was 'not hot.'
  6. That when changing a boys diaper - only open up the front with a 'screener' towel ready.  The fountain will turn on if you are unprepared.
  7. On a similar subject, that getting peed on is not a desirable way to be awakened.
  8. Whether or not I have a chilli pepper on Rate My
  9. What this actually means...
  10. Heather was too grumpy to take half the listicles this week.