It's Friday - fragged and filled in...

Well all, I am happily fragging and filling in on a brand new laptop... we are still hoping to fix the old one up again but I didn't have time to do that before we left... not loving Windows 8 so far, but I've figured out how to get the old Desktop back so I'm happily ignoring the whole issue for now until I can figure it all out.

The good news is that the kids and I have safely arrived in Toronto... and we survived the drive without bloodshed... 

  • Liam was great on this trip - he had the back of the mini-van to himself and he was quiet and entertained himself...
  • Erik was a hypochondriac every time he got bored - he has a couple of minor cuts and scrapes and they 'hurt' every time he had nothing better to do.
  • Robyn was a typical teenager... need I say more?
  • Wayne was with us for most of the journey but stayed behind in Buffalo at a hotel for the night so he can catch his flight to China in the morning.

The bad news is that we left Charleston with Tropical Storm Andrea heading right over the Low Country - hoping that our friends and neighbors stay dry and comfortable!  

Another piece of bad news is that we didn't have the best night's sleep in our hotel last night - I had thought that when I was booking a suite with a separate 'living' room, that it would have a door to close so Robyn and Liam could get some rest without Erik interfering... no such luck - it was really one room with an alcove instead... so everyone was up at 5AM whether they wanted to be or not... 

As for what we have planned for our trip, it's lots of family time - with a baby shower, a 40th Anniversary party, a chance to meet the newest addition to our family in person - and attend his baptism, trips to two amusement parks, a reunion with some friends from my high school scouting days, Canada day to celebrate and more if we can fit it all in!

And now on to the Fill Ins:

1. I love that my new laptop has Windows 8 because now I can be as confused by it as everyone else
2. Sometimes I wonder how people lived without constant internet access to google or IMDB trivia in the past
3. I love to get parcels in the mail because they usually contain something really fun!
4. I If I could change the temperature today to 75F then I wouldn't have minded the rain so much.