Thanksgiving or Spendsgiving

As a Canadian who didn't do a lot of cross-border shopping, I had no idea what Black Friday was before I moved to the US, and honestly, the first year we were in the US, I completely ignored it... but when we moved to SC, I got convinced to head out and check out the deals the first year we were here.

After that first year, I was hooked and ever since, Robyn and I have made it a tradition to grab a quick nap after our Turkey dinner and head out to do some late night/early morning shopping at Tanger Outlet and our local Mall... but this year I'm feeling less inclined to be part of the furor - especially as consumerism seems to be creeping further into what should be a holiday for celebrating Family and being thankful.

Several stores are opening at 10 PM on Thanksgiving and Target is opening as early as 9 PM - barely time for retail staff to eat and run... I understand retailers need to make money, but do we as consumers have a responsibility to at some point, JUST SAY NO?

What do you think?

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