Monday Listicles - Ten Songs I love as a Canadian that you've probably never heard of...

This week's listicles topic is: Top Ten Songs

Welcome to the All Canadian version of Monday Listicles... featuring bands and artists that you may or may not know... but are all Canadian!

In no particular order:

10. Gowan - Criminal Mind

9. Glass Tiger - Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone

8. Northern Pikes - Girl with a Problem

7. Corey Hart - Never Surrender

6. Barenaked Ladies - Enid

5. Arrogant Worms - Last Saskatchewan Pirate

4. Bryan Adams - Summer of '69

3. Moxy Fruvous - Green Eggs and Ham

2. Great Big Sea - Sea of No Cares

1. Blue Rodeo - Til I Am Myself Again