Football Season Means B-Dubs!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Buffalo Wild Wings for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
Not being originally from the U.S., one of the things that has been slow in coming is a love of football... I'm not much of a sports person to begin with, but the ins and outs of football are kinda lost on me... and without cable at home, the only place I can study the game is when we head out with friends...
I think that there is something in the air when you head out to some place like Buffalo Wild Wings - where football fanatics and we uninitiated few can meet up together and enjoy the atmosphere and the game!  We're in South Carolina which means that everyone gears up for the big rivals - USC and Clemson ... and it's nice not to have to take sides - I can visit with both camps and wear neutral colors to do so!
One of the best things about Buffalo Wild Wings is that they offer great food at great prices and there are great things on the kids menu too!  Wayne gets his football/testosterone fix, the boys get their 'exposure' and Robyn and I can kick back and enjoy a great meal that someone else cooks and cleans up!
And when the whole family can't go, B-Dubs is also great for getting together with friends or for Wayne to head out with the guys for a "Boys Night Out"!
How does your family watch football?  Do you ever have the chance to head out for a family night at Buffalo Wild Wings or do you get a babysitter and head out to meet friends?  Either way you should Protect the football. Get to B-Dubs!

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