Friday Fragments

This is just a quick drive by fragging because I need to be bright-eyed and bushy tailed in a few hours to make the most of my time at the #DisneyOnTheRoad blogger event in Charlotte, NC!

I am looking forward to drifting off to dreamland sans children tonight!  We (Tailor Made Momma, Me As Mommy and I) drove up from SC to attend - and we have a great suite at the Doubletree Suites to catch some shut eye before our audience with the Disney people at 8am!

I've found a few great funnies this week, but these two are my faves:

I had a #NickCFK Big Help Book Drive this week... and collected over 30 books for the Teachers' Supply Closet! You can check out my donation post here

I want to say a huge thank you to my wonderful hubby and fabulous in-laws... while I took Erik out and ran his little legs off yesterday, they painted away the poop paintings and I now have a fabulous yellow hallway and half-walls in the lounge... it really brightens up the place!  The only thing is.. it now proves that we need to paint the rest of the house... poor Wayne...

Well, I'm off to enjoy the fact that I'm not sharing a bed and there are no kids to cry and wake me up!  Watch for my report on the Disney meet-up when I post it Saturday!

PS. Happy last day of being 5 Liam!  Exciting pics from his construction themed birthday party coming soon!