Friday Fragments

It's a fraggingly good Friday... good thing Mrs. 4444 invites us to get our frag on every week...

It's been really nice having Wayne home more often... he's been taking Liam out bike riding in the mornings - he gets a jog in and Liam gets to tear around and work on his new biking skills!  I love how much he's taken to it... it was a long slog to get him to learn to ride but once it clicked, he's now a biking fiend!

Speaking of Liam, I was a little apprehensive about a little trip we took to the Water Park this week... he hasn't been a big fan of water lately... but after four hours and a sunburn for mommy, the only crying happened when we left the park... we'll be heading back again next week!

Robyn was a big help at the water park... she even went above and beyond and spent an hour and a half laying on a tube in the lazy river with Liam... hmm she did that while I spent the same time chasing after Erik... hm...

It's hard to frag with help... Liam is here looking for a cuddle, so I'm going to stop here..

Happy Friday!

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