Wisdom from @TedRubin at Reviewer's Retreat #RevRet12

One of the things that is still sticking out in my mind after Reviewer's Retreat is that the highlight of my trip was interacting with Ted Rubin, CMO for Collective Bias and then listening to him speak.  There were several things that resonated and that I think are important to share with you...

The first interaction I had with Ted was during the social part of the Reviewer's Retreat and I was able to help him out by sharing a piece of knowledge I had gleaned a few minutes earlier - where to find a drink... turns out that is one of the important tenants of knowing Ted - just be nice (which is definitely a personal motto and I am so pleased that I was able to be both nice and helpful to Ted and others at the conference) 

Other things I learned from Ted are that he thinks in 140 characters or less... so I'm sharing the tweets I sent (or retweeted) during his presentation:

  • Twitter will be around longer than Facebook
  • Start thinking like kids... Remember to be creative
  • If something goes against your personal brand, walk away from it. Be true to who you are.
  • Get past the ROI of marketing.. "what is the value of your mom?" building loyalty and cred is a long term investment
  • Reputation, not ranking...Connection, not network... Loyalty, not celebrity
  • Look at people in the eye digitally - call them by name, read their bio, see who they are
  • Reuse your important tweets - 1% of your audience sees a tweet at any time
  • Bloggers are publishers and are the heart of social media
  • "relationships are the new currency" 
  • "No relevance... no loyalty! Content is king. Connections are queen." 
  • Be conscious of your tweet size so others can easily retweet you!
  • Most people are lurkers... They watch and listen rather than participate 
  • Pinterest is Facebook without the whining!

And the most important thing I learned - and you really need to try RIGHT NOW:

"You can't be anything but happy when you are skipping"

What capsules of wisdom can you share?