Newsworthy Thursday - Should Schools Ban Hugging?

My wonderful hubby, Wayne has been incredibly supportive of my blog and all of my memes and hops so I'm ready to participate in his new idea - Newsworthy Thursday - which will be a hop starting next week if he can get more people than me interested in participating - if it's something you'd do, click here and leave him a quick comment!

I've been slacking off on reading the newspaper this week, what with reviewer's retreat and the fact that the kids are home from school, but after Wayne discussed his idea with me, I happened on an article on the Toronto Star that I thought was somewhat topical...

Brampton students fight for the right to hug

Basically, the school has a policy of “No loving, no shoving,” and they have been reprimanding students for hugging, walking arm in arm and even putting their heads together.  

Now, I'm all for schools policing unwanted and inappropriate touching, but friends who hug, touch or hold hands in affection should be promoted and celebrated - if schools start banning appropriate touching we run the risk that children learn that all touch is bad... and we end up with a world where no one learns how to appropriately show affection.

Once again, I think that a school has taken the easy route to solve a difficult issue - rather than helping students learn about appropriate touching and appropriate times for affection, they've gone overboard and banned everything...

What do you think about this issue?  Would you support a ban like this at your child's school?