Friday Fragments - all written by me this week ;-)

If you're tuning in to read Wayne fragging, well ... I apologize but I'm doing all my own stunts this week... you can read his frags on Touristic (if you haven't already)

We are finally back in our home and native land... for just long enough to cause confusion and delay ... then we'll head back to our adopted home of Charleston to continue our assimilation into Lowcountry culture

It was touch and go about whether we'd ever get here - between waiting for the plate for the new car and then having to fix the ABS system the day before we left... and having to go back to the AAA garage with the car packed to the rafters because the light went on again... we drove through the night and arrived here about 10 am!

(big thanks to Wayne who drove for the middle 7 1/2 hours so that I could doze with the kids) and also big thanks to Red Bull and 5 hour energy for hyping him up so he could perform this masterful feat!

Some things I learned on this car trip...

  • Erik is an angel in the car for exactly one hour and 37 minutes... then his alter ego, the operatic devil takes over until we find a rest stop he can run through (unless he's conked out completely)
  • I cannot be a passenger in the back or middle seats of my van
    • Let's just say that it wasn't pretty and leave it at that
  • Liam is still a fabulous car kid
  • Wayne is a fabulous take charge hubby who made our drive straight through overnight plan a reality that worked!
I am behind on posting for the blog... I still have so many great things to tell you about Reviewer's Retreat, including my Kia ride and drive experience... hopefully I'll have a bit of time to get some writing done now that the boys will be distracted by grandparents!

Speaking of grandparents - if any other grandparents are looking to toddlerproof their homes, I am now able to say with 100% assurance, you can hire my toddler to find everything that you don't want touched that might be within his grasping potential - for an extra fee, he'll even show you HOW he is going to climb up to reach the stuff you think is far enough out of reach...

I know there are more frags running around in my mind, but to be perfectly honest they're running faster than I can catch them today... so I'll leave you now, catch some shut eye and leave you in the capable hands of Mrs. 4444 and the other fraggers:
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