9 at 9 ~ An Interview with...

I always love the opportunity to feature a fellow Canuck on Acting Balanced... and this week I get to introduce you to my bloggy friend, Ghada from Mama goes BAM.  I hope you enjoy her interview as much as I did!

1. Tell us a little bit about your blog:

I am a KiwiCanadian who just relocated through my husband's work from New Zealand in August 2011. I was originally going to start a new blog in April 2011 about my pregnancy and the relocation process. I was too sick and very tired during the pregnancy, so instead ended up only starting this blog once I landed in New York. Mama goes BAM is about my adventures in the Big Apple with Monkeys (my newborn and toddler) all the places we go, people we meet and adjusting to life in New York in general. I also write about trying to live my best life - healthwise (emotionally and physically).

2. How long have you been blogging and what do you love about it?

I have been blogging since 2007. I decided to hit the restart button in 2011 and just let that blog go, I had changed so much and it did not seem relevant. I wanted to start anew. I love the friendships I am making, I love the creative process and I love learning more about myself and others as I go.

3. Who is the person or group behind the blog?

I am Ghada Vanderpool, born and raised in Montreal. I went on a one year work visa to New Zealand after finishing university - that is where I fell in love with a local, my husband. We returned to Canada for 2 years, then back again to New Zealand for 8. And now, here we are a family of 4 in New York. My 4 year old son and 6 month old daughter feature regularly in my photos. I love having lots of video and photos on my blog. I am a PR/communications/online marketing person and am slowly getting back into more of that work.

4. What hobbies/interests do you have?

I love to run and am always working on eating healthily. Yoga is another past time I have not had much of a chance to take part in lately. I've started reading magazines more lately as they are easier to get through then books. I love to write and one day I am going to take singing lessons.

5. If you could invite 4 people (real or fictional, living or dead) to a dinner party, who would you invite and what would you serve?

I would serve a selection of Red Wines, Gewertztraminer, Rieslings and smoked salmon, mussels, New Zealand cheese and hot bread and rich milk chocolate. I'd probably have a casual Diva Dinner with a few fun and fearless successful women to really find out the truth about if they are (were) happy or not and what are some of the common threads to their happiness. I'd be really keen to laugh lots, I'm a laugher! Whitney Houston, Tina Fey, Ellen Degeneres and Beyonce (don't judge! She has health, happiness, family and a career - that's successful!)

6. I can’t live without…

Water, music, comfortable shoes, jeans and my family - being surrounded by people in general.

7. Something people would be surprised to know about me is…

I had a role as an extra in Xena Warrior Princess when I lived in New Zealand. I was paid a bonus to massage Lucy Lawless' back in one scene. On the day of filming they decided I was too tall for the shot, so gave that part to someone else. I was still paid the extra cash. I later when on to have a short stint training with stunt women, including Zoe Bell who is famous for being Xena's stunt double as well as Uma Thurman's stunt double in Kill Bill.

8. Three of my favorite blogs to visit are (includue urls) :

The Mommy Factor http://mommyfactor.blogspot.com
People I Want to Punch in the Throat http://www.peopleiwanttopunchinthethroat.com/
Another Mother Runner http://anothermotherrunner.com/

9. Three of my favorite posts on my blog are (Include urls) : Difficult question...
http://mamagoesbam.com/mothers-day-at-coney-island/ I like this one because it was one of my fave mother's days - so simple, but everything just felt right and when I look back at the pictures we all look happy and finally settled.

http://mamagoesbam.com/what-people-really-think-about-breastfeeding/ I like this one because it stirred up some good conversation

http://mamagoesbam.com/parent-worst-nightmare/ The content of this post is NOT my favorite, but it was so therapeutic to write and I felt so loved by people I don't even know leaving comments of support.

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