He Said/She Said - a meme to link up with your spouse!

This is a new meme - the idea of this is to ask your significant other's opinion on the question of the week and link up both of your opinions the following week!

Each Saturday both Wayne and I post the following week's question and our own answers (with mine being the correct one of course) on both of our blogs - we'll also open up a linky so that you can add your own posts! If you and your spouse both blog you can put up your answers on each blog, or if you are the only prolific writer in your family you can ask your SO their opinion and write their answer down for them (word for word of course).  You are also welcome to hook up a He Said/He Said or a She Said/She Said - whatever works for you!

The questions to discuss this week are:

How did you and your SO meet?
(Follow up question - what was your first date?)

Next week's questions:
Do you and your spouse budget plan?  Is one of you the spender?  The saver?

Here's my answer to this week's question:

She Said: We met the summer that I was sixteen and he was seventeen and we were doing an area wide training session at S.H. Armstrong Community Center.  We chatted briefly that that event and went our separate ways, meeting up every year for several years and getting more involved in running the training sessions... til one year I moved to the same Rec Center and we became co-workers... working at the same camp.  Two weeks before camp started everything hit the fan for Wayne - his girlfriend dumped him and he was down... so we started having lunch together and chatting quite a bit...

I don't think we really had an official first date... we just kinda fell into dating.  The first time we kissed was during the opening ceremonies for the Atlanta Olympics.   I thought we were just hanging out but he seemed to have other ideas... his revisionist history says I was the aggressor, but since it took him 3 years of marriage before he remembered my birthday, I'm going to say that my memory is better :-)  I refuse to categorize hanging out in his basement and sharing a microwaved frozen lasagna straight from the pan as a date...

We did go to the movies a couple of weeks later - don't remember what film we saw, and we had dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory a few weeks later, and I would say either of those count as more likely 'first dates' - what do you think?

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If your SO doesn't blog, you are welcome to post both of your answers in the same post ... or just posting your side of the story is fine too... please link it up here: