Explorations at the Wine and Food Festival...

Wandering around I got to eat some fabulous foods from local restaurants and check out some interesting vendors... and I'd love to share a few of my fun finds with you!  This is the second of a few posts that will highlight my time at the Charleston Wine and Food Festival 2012!  You can see pics of some of the yummy food I at for lunch in this post.  Today's post features a few of the more unique things that were showcased:

Rewined Candles is a fabulous Charleston company that upcycles wine bottles from local restaurants into wonderful smelling candle holders!  The candles themselves are soy and are long burning and really yummy scented!  Isn't that a neat idea!

OneHope Wines was an interesting company because 50% of ONEHOPE's Profits are donated to partner charities and each variety of wine has a different charity that benefits!
Of course I had to taste the California Cabernet Sauvignon which supports Autism and it was pretty good...
I love finding companies whose mission includes giving back!

Bourbon Barrel Foods introduced me to several yummy products, including some yummy sorghum syrup that would be a yummy sweetener, but the product that intrigued me the most (and that I got a sample of) was America's only micro-brewed soy sauce!  
I used the soy sauce in a yummy veggie stir fry that I made this week and I have to say that it was fabulous and not nearly as salty as most commercial soy sauces I've tried - definitely on the top of the yummy scale!

There were literally dozens more yummy things to try from La Famiglia DelGrosso pasta sauce to Piedmont Distillers Midnight Moon Moonshine and of course lots of wine to taste... but those are the three companies that made the biggest impression on me for being new and different!

I really wish that the Wine and Food Festival lasted longer than just a weekend... I'd love to be able to stroll and enjoy the sights, smells and tastes more often... although my waistline appreciates that it's only once a year...  I