Positive Living - Laughing through the Chaos

I looked back at my two status updates yesterday on Facebook and realized that they are a microcosm  of my world:
It's Tuesday morning at 11:08 AM and my parents are only an hour away... the laundry isn't done, there's still dishes in the sink and Erik pooped in the tub during his bath after getting breakfast all over himself... glad my parents don't own white gloves....
A good cup of hot tea and a few minutes of quiet makes all the stress go away... what works for you?

I've always lived by the maxim that my house will be clean when my children are grown... and yesterday that sentiment put me in good stead... I did stress out a little as the power kept going off... I was scrubbing the tub again and I eventually got to the dishes in the sink but not the laundry before my parents arrived... that it was important to stop and enjoy a cup of tea and put my feet up while I heard about their 3 day adventure to get to me... they took a new route, found new things to see and new places to shop... totally more important than the laundry.

I also came upon some great rules for positive living while I was visiting Tailor Made Mama's Blog that I wanted to share with you - I'm thinking that they'll work well when incorporated into my chaotic life:
Photo Credit: Tailor Made Mama

Do you have rules to help you laugh through the chaos?  Ways to keep yourself and your family positive?  I'd love to have you share them with me and then stop by Tailor Made Mama's Post and share there too! 

**This post was written as part of ShePromotes February Challenge - to visit a fellow blogger and continue a post or write on a topic that we found on another blog **