New way to announce winners!

Now that I am exclusively using Rafflecopter to power my giveaways, I am going to stop doing winners announcements on my blog wall, but I will alert you to the fact that a winner has been chosen by adding WINNER ANNOUNCED to the current giveaways link and leaving the link up for 7 days after a giveaway has ended, so you can check for your name.

I am still going to email directions to each winner and you will still have 48 hours to contact me/fill out the form, but I will devote more blog space to bringing you more great family stories, reviews and of course - MORE GIVEAWAYS!

If a NEW winner has to be chosen because someone hasn't contacted me in time, I will change the WINNER ANNOUNCED to *NEW WINNER ANNOUNCED* and leave the link up for an extra 2-3 days.

As always, if you have comments or concerns about this change, you are welcome to comment below or shoot me an email to heather at actingbalanced dot com.