Am I A Bad Mama?

I don't feel guilty... well, maybe a little... or I wouldn't even be thinking about writing this post.

I'll backtrack a little bit.  Liam started coughing in the middle of the night and slept kinda restlessly.  He was coughing and wheezing a little this morning but was so chatty and upbeat that I decided that if he didn't have a fever, I'd send him to school.

No fever and every third word was about school or the school bus, so I went ahead and sent him on his way, with a note saying that I knew he was congested but happy and if that changed, to give me a call.

Well... I kept my cell phone close by all day, anticipating a call... and it came - at 2:15!  He gets on the bus at 3:00 and it would take me at least half an hour to wake Erik and get to him.  So I asked the question - is there any reason he shouldn't stay and get on the bus...

No fever... no there's no reason he can't ride the bus.

So I'm now sitting here at 2:45 wondering if I'm a bad mother as I wait for him to get loaded onto the bus for what will surely be a nap on his way home...

Did I mention that he loves the school bus and cried the last time I picked him up early for an appointment?  So am I guilty or just feeling that way?