Friday Fragments

I've missed a few Friday Fragments over the past few weeks... and I've been really busy vacationing in Toronto with my family...

I have to say that one of the hardest things has been to be here in TO without my hubby... he had to go back to work and we stayed so that Robyn and the boys could see more family and friends and hang out here where it's cooler... but I miss Wayne...

The good thing was that my parents and in-laws did give us a 'date night' before Wayne left - and it was great - we went for a walk at the Conservation Area where we got married, strolled around Wayne's old alma mater at Brock University and was awed by the changes... and then headed for a hotel in Buffalo near the airport where Wayne would be flying out the next day.

We actually went to dinner at an adult time and at a restaurant, as opposed to the early shift at the fast food or buffet place... and we got some fabulous couple time!

Robyn has gotten to spend the week with her bestie from Kitchener - I'm not sure she's going to want to come home when I head out later today to pick her up... but at least she's had the week :)

Liam and Erik have been at each other... Liam tolerates Erik most of the time - except when Erik wants to share the iPad... or his toys, or... so that's been fun

Erik has also learned to climb stairs - he even went so far as to come visit grampy in his office on the second floor today after bolting from grammy on the main floor... there's no keeping this kid down.  What's just as frightening is that he's standing alone unaided for upwards of 10 seconds at a time, before he forgets where he is... I don't want him walking yet - he 's my baby!

Otherwise, I am still gathering great things for my Canadian Treats pack... have you entered to win it?

Well, I'm all fragged out for now - so go and check out the other great framents from bloggers hooking up at
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