MOM Review: 8 Petals

If you are like me and are always searching for unique and fun jewelry and accessories, then you need to check out 8 Petals!

8 Petals was created by designer Toni Chirico, a passionate self-taught artist who embraces the artistic learning process. Rather than forcing designs, she gently guides her materials to create unique, bright, bold, wearable art with personality. Working exclusively with sustainable materials, the designs celebrate the whimsy and joy of the creative process.
Like art, 8 Petals believes that life is a creative process and that art should be worn everyday.

I received this fabulous blue and turquoise abstract necklace and Robyn received a wonderful belt with a purple and lavender glass buckle!

The necklace makes a huge impact, because it is 2 inches square!  The colors are beautiful and well blended so that you can wear this piece with anything!  Mine had a large amount of blue and smaller amounts of turquoise, but each one is unique!  The size of the necklace does make it more of an art piece than an everyday necklace, because it was somewhat heavy.

Robyn, who wears a uniform to school with a belt rule gets to wear any belt she likes, so she chose this purple and lavender buckle on a white leather belt:
It is great because it is big and bold, but the one complaint that Robyn has is that because it is big and bold, it is somewhat heavy, and since she's such a skinny little thing that she says that it weighs her down a little bit.

8 Petals makes all kinds of unique pieces, including these flower necklaces and earrings:


If you are looking for a great unique gift for yourself or someone else who loves fun jewelry, you definitely need to check out 8 Petals