Winners and Bonus Entry!

MeMoves was so excited by the responses to the contesting that they are going to give THREE copies!  To ensure that everyone who entered gets a fair shake at all three prizes, will choose the winners by combining the comments on all three posts:

First entry -  16 comments (#1 - 16) 2nd entry - 10 comments (#17-26) 3rd entry - 8 comments (#27-34)

And has chosen:

Daily Woman· 1 week ago
I agree, if you have teachers, therapist etc recommend products that work good for our kids, it is hard not to want to try it. Even though I have tried many products I still love to try new things. My son loves to watch videos and loves to move so I think this would be great for him

jessica· 3 weeks ago
a great website for those with family suffering from autism! 

Allison· 2 days ago
My special needs students could definitely use this!!! I would love it :)

Congratulations to all of the winners!  You each have 48 hours to claim your prize by filling out this form or replying to my email!


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