Product Review:

Many of my long time readers know that on the same weekend that I gave birth to Erik, my family was partying 1000 miles away for a different reason... my sister's wedding!  Robyn went to to the wedding as both a bridesmaid and as the lone SC Smith family representative.   She had a blast and so did everyone at the wedding... I was so sorry to have missed it, but Erik, Liam, Wayne and I were there in spirit.

When the opportunity came for me to review, I knew right away that I could help my sister create a beautiful lasting memory of her wedding so that I could share it in some way.  I scanned the variety of products available - everything from calendars, cards, prints and what immediately caught my eye - photo books!

What was great about right from the start was that Catherine could log onto the site and upload her digital wedding photos to the site and then I could work on the book!  The upload was quick and easy and as a bonus, she can now share her photos with whomever she wants - but keep them private at the same time! has multiple settings available for each album - it can be set to private, shared, shared with login and public and we can control it all!
• Choose what is visible to everyone and what isn't.• Protect your albums by sharing them with only people you choose.• Prevent your images from being included on other sites.• Send your private images to your friends and family with a simple click.• Create photoflows and integrate them into a website.• Publish your photos on Facebook, MySpace and Picasa.
But, back to the topic at hand, creating a photo book.  I made one mistake when I started putting her book together - I left the settings at economy book when I should have been working on a design book.  The difference is that with the economy book you can't add pages and in the design mode you have way more freedom!  I had to go back and work on it again, but the practice and learning how the different options worked was worth it!  I honestly think I made a way better book because I took that wrong turn!

With design mode, the sky is the limit - you can add and change backgrounds, alter the size of the photos and even move them around.  One of the things I liked best about was that they kept track of which photos were already in the book and which ones I'd taken out to move to a different place!

I ended up opting for a very simple and elegant book - with a white leather cover and black background on all of the pages, which when it arrived, made the book absolutely beautiful and let the pictures stand out wonderfully!

I haven't been able to share the finished product with my sister yet - she'll be getting it for her birthday in a few weeks, but here are a few pictures that I can share with you:

Isn't it great!  I hope she likes it :)  And I hope that you get a chance to check out when you're ready to make your next photobook, calendar, prints or card - or when you're looking for a secure place to share your photos!