I'm an Independence Mother...

A fellow blogger and mom, from That Mama Gretchen shared a blog post where she highlighted what kind of mother she was based on this quiz from Family Education which seems to be loosely based on the Meyers-Briggs personality test... so for fun, I took it too and this is my result:

The 'Independence' Mother
ENTP (Extraverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving)

"When I held my babies, I always faced them outward so they could take in the world."

Full of energy and confident in her own self-sufficiency and competence, the ENTP mother encourages her children—as a role model and as a teacher—to beindependentandconfidenton their own in the world.
A "big picture" person, she points out options and possibilities along the way. Objective and logical as well, the ENTP wants her children to evaluate their choices and learn from the consequences of their own decisions.
The ENTP mother is resourceful and action-oriented. She likes going places and doing things with her children, exploring all that life has to offer. She is less concerned with rules, routines, and schedules. Introducing her children to new concepts and activities, challenging them, and stimulating their intellectual development are top priorities.
  • The ENTP mother needs to provide herself with intellectual stimulation, variety, and situations that allow her to function independently. Whether paid or volunteer positions, work outside the home may be ideal if she can be her own boss and follow a flexible schedule. She is also likely to be energized by time spent with interesting friends or engaging in solitary, physically active pursuits such as jogging.
  • The greatest gift an ENTP mother can give herself may be help in those areas where she is least comfortable. A child care provider who enjoys spending time with children at home, a reliable housekeeper, or a spouse who is a homebody may provide balance for children who thrive on tradition and routine.
  • Energetic spontaneity.The ENTP mother is "always" ready to drop what she's doing for an outing or new experience, from accepting a last-minute invitation to a museum to assisting young entrepreneurs with the start-up of a lawn care business. Seldom bogged down with day-to-day "drudgery," she can bring a breath of fresh air and a new perspective to any situation.
  • Encouraging independence.The ENTP mother gives her children the space they need to develop self-sufficiency and confidence. Early on, she creates and supports opportunities for them to be out on their own, mastering their independence.
  • Teaching.From grocery shopping to standing in line at the post office, the ENTP mother brings her children along to experience the world. A wonderful teacher of "life," she sees every activity and moment in the day as an opportunity for children to learn about life and expand their minds.
  • Tolerance and acceptance.The ENTP mother takes pleasure in the variety each child brings to the family. She lets children do their own thing and refrains from pigeon-holing them. In action and words, she demonstrates respect for self and others.
  • Inactivity.With her need for action, variety, and independence, the ENTP mother finds it draining to be homebound with a newborn or sick child. She may also find it difficult to adjust to children who are slower paced than she.
  • Clingy children.If she has a child who is physically clingy or emotionally needy, the ENTP mother may worry that he or she will never be independent or self-sufficient. She also finds she's uncomfortable in the "tender loving care" role.
  • Household routines.Impatient with the details and schedules of day-to-day living, the ENTP mother may struggle to carry out daily routines. She may let mundane chores turn into mini-crises… and end up doing laundry at 2A.M.when there's no clean underwear.
Read more on FamilyEducation:http://life.familyeducation.com/mothers/parenting/61843.html?detoured=1#ixzz1JA9jiIL5

My take:
This is totally me!  I am so lucky that Erik is a happy never-stay-at-home baby!  He loves getting out as much as I do... 

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